5 star review  Great work environment! Very friendly staff and team. Highly recommend all Next Gen Hub services.

    thumb cassidy borges

    5 star review  Next Gen Hub offers amazing services with such a friendly staff team. Everything is so clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful! Would definetly recommend Next Gen Hub and all their services such a great environment to be in!

    thumb Jenna Mei

    5 star review  Very clean and warm cozy atmosphere, all staff are friendly, helpful and make you feel welcome! Highly recommend!

    thumb Michelle Lemmon

    5 star review  They provided me with an office space. Very accommodating team and great office to work out of for a very fair cost.

    thumb Susie K

    5 star review  Well run and great atmosphere. Deborah is always available when needed.

    thumb Rich Grof

    5 star review  Staff go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. I never have to worry about what my clients will experience when I refer them to Next Gen Hub services for admin support, short-term rentals, safety courses, or coaching. They do a lot and they do it well!

    thumb Catherine May B

    5 star review  Next Gen Hub offers convenient business suites -- such as a board room, complete with wireless internet and the ability to cast to a sleek 70" mounted LCD panel. I've used the boardroom many times to meet with my clients as my personal studio is often too small. The staff there are professional, friendly and very supportive any time I bring clients to meet there. They also offer a sit or stand work area complete with LCD panels to cast to as well, for a more active working environment. What a great setup, and fairly priced for any time I need to meet with my clients to jam for a few hours.

    thumb Sheldon Purkiss

    5 star review  Pop in offices and meeting space. Clean, welcoming and lovely decor!

    thumb Sinda Simpson

    5 star review  The team at NextGen Hub are very friendly and professional and will help you in anyway that they can. Amazing atmosphere, location and work space. If you are in need of an office space, I would definitely suggest seeking out NextGen Hub!

    thumb Sarah Leatherdale