Safety training and consulting services LTD.

Providing Safety Training and Consulting to Muskoka, Simcoe County, Kawartha and Georgian Bay areas of Ontario, Canada
Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. also helps businesses Canada-wide as well as American (USA) companies.

We assist large and small companies to meet government compliance regulations while maintaining day-to-day operations.

Priority #1 is to ensure your team is trained to work and be safe.

Don’t let unexpected fines affect your cashflow and negatively impact your reputation.

We help business owners and management teams sleep better at night knowing they have done their due-diligence.

Proudly serving local company owners and team within Muskoka, Simcoe County, Kawartha and Georgian Bay (Ontario) areas, as well as Canada-wide. We also help businesses Canada-wide as well as American (USA) companies.


No more sleeping through a safety course in front of your team or supervisor.

Believe it or not we make safety training engaging and interesting.

Expect team building exercises and addressing real worksite / workplace scenarios. 

Policies & Procedures

Although extremely important OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) polices and procedures are one of the key compliance elements often overlooked or pushed aside due to real obstacles such as: not knowing where to start, time constraints or lack of in-house resources.

We offer affordable packages and or customized materials geared to your safety and operational needs.

Documentation is a must and we are excellent with designing user friendly forms that match your industry and worksite flow.

We can draft your first or new OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) manual and handbooks or update your existing safety program.

Licencing Opportunities

Are you passionate about occupational safety and wonder how you can be in a meaningful and growing industry?