WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEp)

About The Excellence Program

The WSIB Health & Safety Excellence is a WSIB program in Ontario that helps all companies manage a system for health and safety in their workplace. This is accomplished through mentoring, from a WSIB approved provider such as the team at Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. (STC).Those enrolled in this program will be in line for WSIB rebates on their premium and/or accreditation for submissions of policies, procedures and protocols with demonstration that these safety best practices are happening on the job site and/or in the workplace.

Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. serves a variety of sectors with a focus on residential and commercial building trades, subcontractors from small to large businesses, manufacturing, industrial and franchise enterprises. Our program is comprised of those in agriculture, construction, industrial/manufacturing, retail, food service, automotive, transportation, municipal services, and more.

What is the Program

WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program recognizes an Employer’s and its team’s efforts in safety. This new program integrates the strengths and best parts of the previous WSIB programs and is now the only rebate program offered and the first time badge recognition program. This new model provides a clear road map for Ontario businesses to improve health and safety and achieve recognition at the same time for doing what they are already mandated to do for the MLTSD, ESA and WSIB Safety Compliance. Whether you are just getting started or want to optimize and build on and expand systems and processes you already have in place, ask us how the program can benefit you.

 Be informed: Ask to learn more with NO obligation or pressure

How the Excellence Program Works

  • Join: Choose an approved provider (Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. is a WSIB approved provider), complete an assessment and select from 1-5 topics to work on.
  • Develop: Learn and implement safety topic(s) with the services and supports of Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. We will review all evidence prior to submission to WSIB for their team to review, approve and confirm for accreditation and any rebates earned for the company.
  • Achieve: Receive rebates on your premiums and non-financial recognition including badges. Showcase the company commitment to health and safety with a positive culture.
  • Validate: An onsite or virtual WSIB visit to validate the evidence you submitted for a topic may occur, so accountability and  due diligence is very important.
  • Registration: Is open all year round and you can start whenever you want with Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. and we have 12 months to complete each plan.
  • Financial: and non-financial recognition is based on your firm’s success without any penalty.
  • STC: also offers the support, networking and competency building tools.

Why it is Worth It

  • Once a provider is chosen then your organization will be provided with an access hashtag to enter the portal.
  • The company WSIB account must be (in good standing) and then, completes a one-time assessment with WSIB to determine what level they will enter the program at.
  • Employers can choose to work on 1 to 5 health and safety topics in a 12-month period.
  • Choose the topics provided to work on which are relevant to your organization.
  • The timelines are very attainable rather than an added task to a company’s team that is already strained.
  • Webinar meetings, online training, sample policies/procedures/protocols, forms, and content for all 5 steps of implementing your selected topics.
  • Onsite support and/or one-to-one service with COVID-19 protocols followed as outlined by the Canadian and Provincial requirements.

“What’s in it for Your Investment?”

This investment permits eligibility for qualified WSIB rebates and/or to receive accreditation from WSIB for safety compliance that is already mandatorily required. Note: this is now the only program WSIB offers for rebate eligibility.

What’s Included with STC: 

1. Support and direction for opening the portal for the WSIB Excellence program
2. An overview of the initial steps with guidance for completing required information
3. Review of completed action plan regarding chosen topics (template provided)
4. Make recommendations regarding any gaps or deficiencies regarding documentation and/or
evidence-based information prior to uploading to WSIB HSEp for their validation process

*(Although some providers do, Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. does not take a percentage of our client earned WSIB rebates on top of program fees)


Added Value

STC includes a consulting session approximately 30 minutes for small businesses, 45 minutes for medium and 60 minutes for large organizations.

The same time allotment for one future HR matter. Collaborative networking opportunities. Special pricing for safety policies, procedures, and protocols (P.P.P.), HR consulting and programs including our expansive online training, Public Relations, HR and Business Development Services.

Be informed: Ask to learn more with NO obligation or pressure

Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd.’s Role



Support your company in selecting the best health and safety topics for your workplace and employees.


Provide resources to help you build you workplace health and safety system with the topics you have selected.


Review your work prior to submission for rebate.


Identify any gaps or deficiencies and assist your company to correct and complete before WSIB review.


After WSIB reviews your company’s submitted work of a topic. Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. will help you with closing any gaps or deficiencies WSIB may have deemed incomplete.

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Need More Information?

For more informaton about how you can quailiy for the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program, please fill out this form and we will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

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