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Policies, Procedures & Protocols

By law through the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), it requires employers to prepare and review at least annually a written health and safety policy as well as create and maintain a program to implement those policies to maintain compliance.

Although extremely important OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) policies, procedures and protocols are one of the key compliance elements often overlooked or pushed aside due to real obstacles such as: not knowing where to start, time constraints or lack of in-house resources.

Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. offers affordable packages and/or customized materials geared to your safety and operational needs.

Documentation is a MUST and we are excellent with designing user friendly forms that match your industry and worksite flow and keep you informed about safety blitzes and compliance.

We can draft your first or new OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) manual and handbooks or update your existing safety program.

hesp approved provider

WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program (HSEp)

WSIB launched its Health and Safety Excellence Program this year. This program promises to change the way businesses perceive Occupational Health and Safety. This new program will provide employers with rebates on their WSIB premium based on completion of programs requirements.

Rebates and recognition for workplaces are an integral part of participating in the new program. Employers of all sizes can work with WSIB-approved providers to join the program. In fact, the program aims to help employers in Ontario develop and/or improve their health and safety program. You can join it regardless of where you are in your health and safety journey. This will help you build a health and safety management system based on best practices.



Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Program

Effective OH&S programs are used as an action plan to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. Many businesses are not aware of the various regulations and requirements that are required by governing authorities which is why Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. is here to help. We want to help you build, implement and/or review and update your OH&S program so you and your team are safe and compliant.

By law this program must be reviewed and maintained annually. Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. offers a specialized package for annuall mandatory updates which is time and cost effective, encouraging and based on realistic worksite/workplace scenarios.

Site Inspections

An effective health and safety program consists of ensuring that the proper controls are in place to avoid injuries, illnesses and incidents. Inspecting the job site is a key element to keeping your company safe and making sure you are doing your due diligence. Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. can help assist and set up  site inspections. We will address any areas of improvement or concerns, especially in areas were the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will be looking at. We want to help make you MOL inspection ready.

Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. will provide you with fillable forms and templates to be to perform informal and formal job site inspections. This will be filled out at the appropriate areas that are needed for improvements and any other suggestions to help ensure your team is being safe and complaint.

COR Compliance Management

So you want to be COR certified? Where do you start? Are you ready?

Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. is here to help you get there. We will provide you with all the coaching and training your company needs to be COR ready.

More and more companies and their suppliers are becoming COR certified. These companies are showcasing their drive as they achieve a competitive advantage when it comes to safety being COR certified.

COR certification embodies what safe companies are truly about. Combined with your company’s Health and Safety Management System, your employees will have the tools and the knowledge to prevent incidents from occurring.

Our COR Compliance Management program is designed to help all your team members retain and engage in their health and safety training.

Compliancy Checklist

The Ministry of Labour deems the following items are mandatory in all Ontario Workplaces and must be available for a MLTSD Inspector.

  • Company Health and Safety Policy Document
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention     Policy and Progam
  • Prevention Policy
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Copy of the OHSA (Green Book)
  • Job Site Safety Board
  • First Aid Kit


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