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There is nothing more important to the success of a company and its safety culture than engaged and happy team members who feel their company’s Occupational Health and Safety Program has been developed specifically around their work environment.


Managers and Supervisors

We believe that it takes more than just a title for leaders to gain respect and earn trust with their coworkers and team. It takes progressive managers to support their supervisors with proper training and tools to assist them in their important roles. Our training is designed to equip individuals with the required tools which is pertinent to their success and an effective safety management program.

Owners and Stakeholders

Owners, stakeholders and entrepreneurs face increased concerns and stress regarding liability and the time required to keeping up with new and revised compliance regulations. We approach matters head-on with/for leaders and provide valuable and useful information to build their confidence and decrease concerns.

A-OH&SW (Annual Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Training including WHMIS & WHMIS-GHS) 

Annual requirement

General Course Outline

Available online through E-Learning!  (Coming soon!)

N-OH&SW  (Occupational Health & Safety Courses including WHMIS & WHMIS-GHS)

Designed for new and seasoned owners, managers and supervisors meet mandatory Ministry requirements, as well as, provide valuable tools that enhance communication, and ensure documentation is appropriate and thorough.  Positive relationships and cultures build naturally when leaders learn how to effectively enforce safety requirements with their team members in a direct yet positive manner.

Up to ten industry or trade topics that relate to your specific company.  Includes topics such as: WSIB documentation, 4-Step Roles and Responsibilities, Personal Protection Equipment and Emergency Requirements. Designed to bring new hires and returning seasonal team workers compliant with existing team members.

Ministry regulations require company owners to review their health and safety program at least once each year.  This course is designed to meet the annual government requirements.  Training is taught in a way that relates to the different styles of learning and is engaging and meaningful which helps with retention and follow through on the job

EOSM Effective Leadership 
One-Time requirement

Owners, Supervisors and Managers 

General Course Outline



5-Step Roles and Responsibilites

Performing Site Inspections and Enforcement

Giving Effective Safety Talks

Performance Reviews: Praise and Discipline

Understanding various communication styles in order to be an effective leader.

Individual Trade-Specific Courses
Required every three (3) years

WAH Working At Heights (new)

WAH Working At Heights (re-certification)

Confined Space Awareness

Confined Space Entry


Elevated Workplatform

First Aid CPR-AED


Respirator Fit