About US

About Us & Our Team

We are very grateful that our professional relationships have resulted in most of our first-time clients being from direct referrals. As well as our ongoing and core business being repeat clients.

Our professional team is very approachable and really care about the safety of others. We approach each company’s needs and issues as if they were our own. Which means that we keep in mind that resolutions must be sensible, effective and sustainable.

The Founder and Lead Facilitator are well versed in MOL (Ministry of Labour), ESA (Employment Standards Act) and WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) rules, regulations and compliance requirements for small and larger companies. Specializing in Construction Trades and related Industries. Team experience with progressive Environmental, Agricultural, Medical, Dental and Natural Health related organizations.

This knowledge in addition to over 15 years of first-hand safety compliance and human resource experience really offers stakeholders and their leaders peace of mind.