There is no simple and templated approach as every business has their own unique and specific requirements.
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Who we are

Do What You Love, Love What You Do”

Successful executives and mentors know that all decision makers and small business owners should focus on the tasks that positively drive up their bottom line. “Tasks that are not enjoyable or specialized should be delegated wherever possible.”

Task prioritization enables leaders and managers to make the best use of their time. Projects that utilize the most proficient and profitable skills require the most focus.


There is no simple and templated approach as every business has their own unique and specific requirements.

Every task and project is considered important to the Admindesk™ team.

Our rates are competitive with flexible payment options.

Together we determine what your actual needs are then create and execute your vision and plan.

Payroll & accounting

Are you working late, evenings and weekends trying to catch up with bookkeeping paperwork?

Is your invoicing and accounts receivables behind?

Are your vendors and suppliers calling for overdue payment due to delays with your accounts payable?

Are you behind in filing remittances such as HST, Payroll and WSIB?

Do you require financial clarity about your company?

Does your NFP  (Not for Profit) organization require accounting services in order to meet fiduciary responsibilities?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, we can help!

Personal Assistant

Is your paperwork effecting your work-life balance?

Would access to a personal assistant (as needed) help to take care of your paperwork and free up more of your time?

Is your current assistant overwhelmed and requires help with a project?

Would you find it valuable to have administrative assistance at a meeting, event or tradeshow? 

Virtual Admin

Are you having trouble finding time to effectively manage all of your behind the scenes tasks?

Do you want your business to grow or maintain current momentum but with less working time and worrying?

Is paperwork the last thing you want to do?

Do you lack the time to return calls, schedule appointments and answer emails?

Do you require help drafting or proofreading company documents, forms and or manuals?

Would assistance developing, proofreading or editing your promotional/digital media content be beneficial?






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