We provide expertise to support all business professionals.

Coaching & Mastermind Programs

Together we determine what your actual needs are and then create a plan with actionables geared to achieve your vision and goals.

Our coaching has proven to support entrepreneurs through their professional and personal success journey. 

The ETO team is committed to supporting the success of entrepreneurs and we continue to coach a number of business owners and their teams through challenging and transitional periods.

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing in the celebration of our achievements.

“Simplify to Amplify”

– Deborah Joslin

Social Media

Positive open lines of communication are encouraged between all parties to establish, build and maintain a strong, enjoyable and long-lasting professional relationship.

We all understand that appealing and tasteful digital media is critical to a long-lasting brand and image.


Digital Marketing Services


  • Social media consultation and brand coaching.
  • Facilitation on social media presence and outreach through posts, shares, favourites, likes and comments on a continuous basis.
  • How to build and maintain a positive public image for your business brand.
  • To create a variety of media, from press releases to social media messages, that shape positive public opinion of the company or organization and increase awareness of the brand.
  • Collaboration with you to create campaigns and online branding strategies to maintain high levels of social media engagement with the community, including (but not limited to) contests, hashtags and friendly and informative content creation.
  • Design social media strategies to achieve marketing targets and established goals.
  • Create, publish, schedule, and manage pre-approved high-quality content on social media.
  • Administer (with client pre-approval) all company social media accounts to ensure content up-to-date.
  • Collaboration on website creation and design.
  • Draft or edit blog posts.
  • Develop email newsletter templates and edit content.
  • Market and edit videos.
  • Draft and/or produce promotional materials, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, rack cards, etc.